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she came from the water, and to the water she shall return.
photos by Anna Demarco


»believe« by laura kimpton and jeff schomberg



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Hive Mind


Rescued Gator Kittens at Brazos Bend State Park, TX

On September 3rd park staff hatched 29 alligators from a nest of 33. The rest of the eggs had no embryos. The eggs were collected from a nest near Hale Lake that was in jeopardy of being abandoned. The water level is receding rapidly making it difficult for the mother to stay nearby and guard the nest.

Staff will give them a few meals of earthworms and then most of them will be released back into the park. They are capable of finding food and feeding themselves just as they would normally. They already have the instinct and teeth to get the job done. All the mother provides is protection. A small amount will be kept in the Nature Center aquarium, replacing the ones we’ve already had for one year.

The one-year-olds will be released with the new hatchlings. If possible, we will offer them to any mother gator who has no problem adopting them into her brood. These alligators are kept as teaching tools and not pets. It is illegal to posses an alligator of any size without proper permits.

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Leather Cuff Jeans | Brit + Co

I’m not a big jeans wearer - my official uniform is dress, cardigan & leggings. But after seeing this DIY I’m thinking I might need to sew up a pair of leather cuff jeans to add to my routine! If you’re going to make yourself a pair, then make sure you have a heavy duty needle in your machine so you don’t end up with a broken needle.

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Mauna Kea Starlight by Shane Michael Black on Flickr.

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Phyllida Barlow at Hauser & Wirth Somerset.

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